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/ September, 2020
What to do in the Chamberí district of Madrid?

Chamberí is one of the most sophisticated neighbourhoods in Madrid. During the IXX and XX centuries has been the cradle of the Spanish aristocracy. Artists, writers, sculptors, poets and blue blood persons are just some examples of old neighbours. Nowadays, Chamberí is more modern but still with an aristocratic atmosphere. Here you can find the 15 places you cannot miss in Chamberí.

1. Sorolla Museum

The Sorolla Museum is in the Palace at the General Martinez Campos avenue. It has been the house and workshop of Joaquín Sorolla. 

Today the building is a museum. Here you can enjoy its exhibitions and its architecture at the same time.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

2. Geominero Museum

Are you a precious rocks lover? If yes, you cannot miss Geominero Museum, where the geodes are the stars. Come to this rocky universe and feel like Indiana Jones.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

3. Andén Cero – Chamberí old train station

Have you ever thought about what the old metro stations did look like? At the Andén cero (“0 Platform”) you can find it out. Have a look at the past and observe how the metro stations were. Andén Cero is a must place for all the Madrid lovers.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

4. Olavide Square

Olavide square is a meeting place for many Madrileños. It is a cosy green square, with many bars and restaurants. The best tapas, beers and vibes are waiting for you.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

5. Zurbano street

The New York Times describes it as one of the best streets in Europe.

Zurbano street is an example of real Madrid. Balconies are co-living with shops and lifetime bars, which turns out as a mix of culture and crafting in a small street. Museums and cultural centres are together with shoe shops. It results in a combination which represents the best of Madrid in one street.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

6. Santander park

Santander Park is one of the most modern areas of Chamberí. The Santander park mixes ample sports facilities with gardening. Both if you intend to do some sport or to relax in the shadow: this is your place.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

7.  Ponzano street

Ponzano street means one thing: leisure. 1 km street with 72 bars! There are places of all types, categories and variety—one of the busiest streets in the middle of Chamberí district. Explore its options and fantastic tapas. Don’t keep starving!

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

8. Canal Theatre

The Canal Theater was inaugurated in 2009, and it got the National Architecture Prize. The building is exclusively dedicated to the scenic arts, and it’s in the middle of the Chamberí district. The Canal Theater bets on technical innovation and artistic excellence. Therefore, during the year you can assist in several cultural festivals.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

9. Cinema Paz

If you are an independent film’ lover, Cinema Paz is your place. The opening was in 1943, and it has the best independent selection of the moment. It has been the main stage of thousands of famous names of this sector.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

10. Sala Berlanga

Sala Berlanga is the excellence of the Spanish cinema. It has a great selection of author titles. It offers from the classic Spanish movies to the most recent creations. For these reasons, if you are a lover of the Spanish cinema, don’t forget to come to this sala in Argüelles.

11. La casa de las flores

La Casa de la Flores has been a national monument since 1981, and it’s one of the most exciting buildings of the district. Secundino Zuazo designed it, and it was Pablo Neruda’s place in 1934. The side on Calle Princesa is full of balconies decorated with many flowers. Therefore, its name.

Qué hacer en el barrio de Chamberí en Madrid

12. Frontón del Beti – Jai

Keep walking through the district, and we found the Frontón del Beti – Jai, a national monument too. This building was built when the game of “pelota” raised its most significant spread, during the XX century. It has a capacity of 4000 spectators. It’s nowadays, a car park. But, from 2015 it has been rehabilitated, and it’s now the property of the City of Madrid. 

13. Picsa

Picsa is a fantastic Argentinian pizza place, on the border of the Chamberí district. The owner has in mind the idea to expand it, and we cannot agree more. If you are starving for pizza, you know the answer!

14. El Ingrediente

El Ingrediente it’s a small, everyday restaurant. You will fall in love with it thanks to its typical dishes, thanks to which it’s a referent point of the Chamberí gastronomy. Come and try this delicious food, made with patience and love.

15. Bodegas Ardosas

Bodegas Ardosa has unique decorations and even better tapas! It’s a typical example that good wine is not always expensive. Enjoy its patatas bravas or torreznos while you have one of its beer, this is a must-stop in Chamberí.

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