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/ December, 2019
What to do in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona?

Do you already know one of the oldest neighboorhood in Barcelona? Today Sharfy give you 15 places you cannot miss!

1. Felip Neri Square

One of the most charming squares in Barcelona, it got its name from the homonymous church you will find here. This place is sadly famous due to a bomb explosion during the Civic War, which caused 42 victims, most of them children who had looked for refuge in the underground of the church.

2. Petritxol street

A few steps away from the Ramba, we can find the famous Carrer de Peritxolás. This street has more than 500 year of history, it is also known as the “Chocolate street”, due to the incredible number of chocolate shops and “Granjas” (typical coffee shops).
During your visit to this beautiful street, you can’t forget to have “churros con chocolate” or any other delicious dessert.

3. Pi Square

If we keep going along Carrer de Petrixol, we will end up in the fantastic Plaza del Pi, which takes his name from the big pine in the middle of the square. During your walk, you have to stop at the majestic church of Santa Maria del Pi and then buy some artisanal product of the local market (every Saturdays). 

4. The biggest rose of Catalunya

In the Santa Maria del Pi church, there is the most significant rose window of Cataluña. ¡Yes, yes! We are talking about the impressive rose window we can find on the facade, with more than 10 meters of diameters.

5. Plaça Reial

Going down the Rambla, at the left, we find the historic Plaça Reial, one of the most lively squares of the city.

Entering to it you need to pay attention to two of the lampposts, made by a young Gaudi. This square is also well known for its nightlife.

6. El Call

El Call, it means “narrow” or  “alley “, is the Jewish neighbourhood and during the Early Middle Ages was considered an essential cultural point in Europe, This because the Jewish community in Barcelona was one of the biggest and most powerful in Spain. Strolling through its streets will bring you to another time. 

7. Milans street

Probably the strangest street of the Gothic quarter, o maybe of the whole city. Its pentadecagon shape gives its rarety and attractive.

8. Belmonte

One of the last traditional restaurant in the neighbourhood, its delicious menu and the romantic and relaxing atmosphere will leave you a unique experience.

9. Bishop Bridge

Build by Joan Rubio I Bellver it is, without any doubts, one of the most photographed places in the Gothic quarter. The Bishop bridge has a flamboyant- gothic style, and it links the Casa dels Canonges with the Palau de la Generalitat. Today it has become one of the architect icons of Barcelona.

10. Gothic Quarter Market

This market has different times and offers, here you can find antiquity, collections pieces and the weirdest objects of the city.

11. Mirador del Reig Marti

From the gothic quarter, we can also enjoy some breathtaking view of the city. Besides, this viewpoint connects the Palau Reial with the Palau Lloctinent.

12. Museo Picasso

If you love Picasso, you cannot miss this museum made by three buildings ( two of the middle age and one baroque ). It hosts 3 thousand square meters of Picasso’s paintings and drawings. 

13. Els Quatre Gats

Els Quatre Gats came from Paris to Barcelona in 1897, it is one of the most bohemian places in the city and the meeting point of intellectuals and artist of those times.
Woody Allen has chosen this place for his movies several times.

14. The Fiestas of Gothic

Known as ‘’Las Fiestas de San Roque’’, they take place from 14th till 18th of August from 1589, and they are the oldest celebration of the city.

15. Baixada de Viladecols

Walking down the Baixada de Viladecols, you will enjoy the Medieval wall, and you will end up in a typical square of this neighbour, we invite you to have something and take pleasure of the atmosphere.

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