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/ January, 2020
What to do in La Latina district of Madrid?

Tapas, shopping, culture, Madrid’s La Latina neighbourhood has it all. Take note, because today Sharify takes you to Latin!

1. “El Rastro” Market

The Rastro is the oldest and most famous street market in Madrid, held every Sunday and holiday. Here you can find any object, from the most ordinary to the most past. If you want to experience the liveliest hours, come from 12 to 15h. And enjoy the view of the typical characters of the Rastro.

2. “Plaza de la Paja”

The Plaza de la Paja is in the old Moorish quarter, the area where the Muslim community lived. Today, it is the favourite square of the neighbourhood’s residents and many tourists, attracted by its history, charm and secrets. Plaza de la Paja is one of the places to see in the La Latina neighbourhood.

3. “La Cebada” Market

Inaugurated by King Alfonso XII, the barley market had to be reinvented over the centuries.

Today it has a modern and colourful design and large murals on its front. As you enter, you will be amazed by its colours, smells and life. And during the weekend you can attend a wine tasting, seafood and fish tasting. You’re already looking forward to Saturday, aren’t you?

4. The Prince of Anglona’s Garden

One of the few 18th-century noble gardens still standing. Here you can enjoy a magnificent green space open to the public free of charge every day. Although it is such a magical space, very few people in Madrid know about it. Are you going to miss it?

5. Basilica of San Franciso el Grande

The Basilica was declared a national monument in 1980, and inside you can admire works by Goya and Zurbarán. The Basilica is also known for its magnificent dome, one of the largest in Christendom.

6. La Latina Theater

They inaugurated the La Latina Theater in 1919 as a film projection hall, and today it is one of the most famous theatres in the city, so you have to see a performance.

7. Cava Alta and Cava Baja

Impossible not to know Cava Alta and Cava Baja. These two streets are home to the highest number of bars and are the meeting place for locals and tourists. The two streets share a collective past and a parallel path. Today they are streets full of life, where you can breathe history by drinking a beer and eating some tapas in one of the taverns.

8. Casa Lucio

Casa Lucio, with its 45 years of history, is the king of the Cava Baja restaurant. Politicians, actors, singers have passed through this restaurant. Its famous broken eggs are a national heritage. So, of course, a walk through the La Latina neighbourhood can’t miss a meal at Casa Lucio.

9. Las Visitillas

Las Vistillas is a beautiful green area on top of a hill. From here you can admire all the west side of Madrid, that’s why the name “Las Vistillas”. The Vistillas Gardens consist of 3 squares, of which the lower square is the most decorated.

10. The remains of the ancient wall

Madrid also had a wall. The few remaining traces can be admired in the La Latina neighbourhood, on Mancebo Street, and show the great history of the area and the city of Madrid.

11. The popular festivals

Without a doubt, summer is the best time to enjoy La Latina. In these months the terraces are opened, all the bars go out to the street, and we must not forget the neighbourhood parties. The most famous is La Paloma in August. The streets are full of concerts, competitions, processions and lots of partying. Ready to enjoy the Madrid style?

12. Marula

A small club that also offers live music. The Marula is undoubtedly among the best known in La Latina. Every Tuesday you can enjoy live sessions, while on weekends the DJs are the kings.

13. San Isidro Museum

San Isidro Museum is known as the Museum of the Origins too. This place proposes a historical journey of Madrid, from prehistoric times to the establishment of the Court in the town. Enjoy rooms like San Isidro or the Renaissance, among many others.

14. Mamá Elba

An ice cream café that offers more than 50 flavours, with options for vegan, celiac or diabetic. It provides a close and familiar atmosphere, apart from delicious ice creams.

15. La Musa de la Latina

La Musa is a restaurant where you will feel in the best atmosphere of La Latina neighbourhood, with a different spirit because of the location. The restaurant has two areas, one more informal to take some beers and tapas, and another where they serve lunch and dinner.

These different places are the ones chosen by Sharify to enjoy plans with friends. But there are many more, and these are in Sharify App where you will find many more events in La Latina and the city of Madrid.

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