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/ June, 2020
What to do in the Lavapiés district of Madrid?

Have you been to the Lavapiés district in Madrid? A neighbourhood that allows you to enjoy a lot of places and activities. Below we show you 15 locations in the Lavapiés neighbourhood that you can’t miss.

1. Embajadores Street

Embajadores Street is a magical street among the thousands in Madrid. The road is an open-air art museum. Many people do not know this, but Embajadores Street is a kilometre long and extends far beyond the neighbourhood of Lavapiés itself. The essence of this walk is the urban art that unfolds along the street.

2. San Fernando Market

The San Fernando Market is much more than a market, and it is an excellent gastronomic reference in the capital. The market is surrounded by a variety of shops selling handmade, ecological and above all, very economical products.

3. “Calle de la Cabeza”

The Calle de la Cabeza hides a horrible history, a fact that can be discovered by looking at the plaque at the intersection with Antón Martín. The famous story tells how the Portuguese servant of a rich priest took justice into his own hands and beheaded his master. During a feast, he believed that he was carrying in his hand the head of a ram, whose head was that of his master.

4. Dr Fourquet Street

Dr Fourquet Street is famous as Madrid’s Golden Mile, and it’s just a few steps away from Casa Encendida. During your walk along this street, you can find about 20 independent art galleries, which emerge from young people. It is a lively street full of the art open to everyone.

5. Argumosa Street

If we talk about streets in Lavapiés, we cannot forget Argumosa Street. The great attraction of this street are the bars, the terraces and the fun. Actually, Argumosa Street has the most significant amount of terraces in the city, where you can have some of the best beer and tapas.

6. Market of Antón Martín

Anton Martin’s market is the perfect mix between a food market and a gastro-market, for this reason foodies in the area are completly in love with it. In this market you can find Yokaloka, which for many serves the best sushi in town or the Buns and Bones famous for its baos.

7. La Tabacalera

La Tabacalera, is the old Tobacco Factory in Madrid, but today it is one of the main attraction of the city. In fact, It has been converted into an exhibition hall. The gallery is a reference point for urban art in the capital. Here you can find photography, video, painting, theatre, dance, poetry…

8. La Casa Encendida

La Casa Encendida is the cultural reference centre of the city of Madrid. Therefore, here you can find great exhibitions, workshops, concerts and other cultural activities. On its rooftop is the Terraza Magnética where there is live music or a hundred and perfect atmosphere.

9. The library of the Escuelas Pías

The library of the Escuelas Pías has a long history. It was a church built in the eighteenth century by the Catholic Kings. During the Civil War was burned and looted and was more than half a century abandoned. Until 2004 when the ruins were rehabilitated by the UNED and the architect Jose Ignacio Linazasoro to build an incredible library.

10. Equis Room

The definitive cinema-bar in Madrid, the last cinema X in the capital, the mythical Cine Alba, converted into the Equis cinema. This room has been stylishly converted into the perfect place to have a gin and tonic, accompanied by an old film in its original version.

11. Team LABS

In the heart of the Embajadores area in Lavapiés there is Team LABS, which is a campus of innovation, learning and entrepreneurship. For all these reasons, it is a perfect place for young people, professionals and companies to learn.

12. Doré Cinema

At one end of Embajadores is this modernist building that contains the Spanish Film Library. It is one of the most peculiar and characteristic buildings of the city of Madrid, and its design is more than a century old.

13. Swington & Grant

This place is the perfect combination; on one side is the Swington Gallery, a gallery focused on urban art and young artists. And on the other hand, Citizen Grant a book store specialized in art. It is mandatory to visit both the gallery and the book store.

14. Hola Coffee

This cafeteria is a place where coffee is real coffee. They also have different types of tea or cakes on the menu, among other things. In this place, they not only offer the option of having a coffee, but they also provide workshops to become a coffee expert.

15. Medias Puri

Medias Puri is an extraordinary place in the Lavapiés district. The mystery that surrounds this place makes it the most fascinating place in the district. But, we won’t spoil it, you need to discover it by yourself.

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