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/ December, 2020
What to do on the l’Eixample Esquerra in Barcelona

Discover the charms of the l’Eixample Esquerra district in Barcelona. Here is a list of the most popular places.

1. La Modelo Prison

The Men’s Prison in Barcelona, known as the Model Prison, is one of the most visited buildings in the l’Eixample Esquerra. It has been used as a prison since 2017. From that moment on, guided visits to the interior of the prison began. Nowadays, you can visit the Model prison for free. You should make a previous reservation on the web. 

2. Walking along Aribau Street

Aribau Street is a street in the city of Barcelona that is located in the Old Left neighborhoods of Eixample and Sant Gervasi. It starts in the Plaza Universidad and ends in the Via Augusta. It is one of the most important and ideal routes to explore the city and is recognized for its varied and characteristic restoration.

eixample esquerra barcelona

3. Ninot Market

The Ninot market was built in 1892. It is named after a legend that tells how a couple rescued a ninot doll from being crushed by the bow of a ship that was unloading in the port of Barcelona. You will be able to taste its high-quality products in any of its tasting bars.

eixample esquerra barcelona

4. Sayrach House

Sayrach House, one of the last buildings of modernism in Barcelona, stands in the middle of the diagonal avenue. On the corner between Enric Granados Street and Diagonal Avenue there was a late modernist building. It was built in 1918, when almost no architect worked in this style anymore.

The two main facades of the house are located on the corner in the form of a semi-cylindrical axis. Don’t miss this peculiar building in the Eixample Esquerra neighbourhood.

eixample esquerra barcelona

5. Joan Miró Park

Spend a pleasant day walking around the Joan Miró Park located in the Eixample Esquerra of Barcelona. Enjoy its monumental and colorful sculpture ‘Dona i ocell’, facing the mountain of Montjuïc.

6. LGTBI+ Business

The Eixample Esquerra is the largest gay district in Barcelona. It has even acquired the nickname “Gayxample”. It is due to the vibrant gay scene, its lively nightlife, stylish stores and numerous gay bars. However, it is not an exclusively gay area but is open to all audiences.

eixample esquerra barcelona

7. Historic building UB

In one of the streets of l’Eixample rises the great historical building of the University of Barcelona. Now you can learn about its history by taking a virtual tour of the building.


8. Arenas Barcelona Shopping Center

In the center of Plaza España in Barcelona you will find the great shopping center Arenas de Barcelona. There you will find a wide variety of stores and restaurants of high-quality. In addition, enjoy the full experience from the top of the building and enjoy spectacular views. 

9. La Pedrera (Casa Milà) and Casa Batlló

If you still haven’t been able to enjoy the spectacular nature of both buildings, take advantage and don’t miss out on what Barcelona has in store for you. Both houses are located in Passeig de Gràcia. Both are one of the main emblematic buildings in the city. They attract the attention of thousands of tourists every year because of their peculiar façade and the history behind it.

10. Egyptian Museum of Barcelona

If you are interested in culture and you are in Barcelona, you cannot miss the Egyptian Museum of Barcelona. It is located in l’Eixample Esquerra. This was the first museum with a Pharaonic theme opened in Spain. Since it opened its doors for the first time in 1994 it has been available to the public 362 days a year.

eixample esquerra barcelona

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