The best plans for August in Madrid
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/ July, 2021
What to do this August in Madrid – 2021

Hello Sharies! We are already in summer, and Madrid offers many events. Find out all you can do in Madrid this August

Due to the current situation, the culture business might be affected and although all the events that we put in this article are nowadays confirmed we recommend you to assure the opening before go.

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1. MadBeach Club

MadBeach Club it’s the perfect event for your summer in Madrid. It’s open from Monday to Friday at Portal del Ángel. Here you will find a space inspired y the best Spanish beaches.

MadBeach Club is a multifunctional and multicultural offer, where you can enjoy August days in Madrid with friends and forget the city chaos.

2. Youn Sun Nah & Uf Wakenius

On the 3rd of August, Youn Sun Nah & Uf Wakenius will play together again, thanks to Veranos en la Villa

The Korean artist it’s one of the most important ones in the contemporary jazz scene. Uf Wakenius it’s a fantastic jazz guitarist. He is also known as the last guitarist of Oscar Peterson.

They have selected the best-known songs ( rock, chanson and folk) and their songs for this event.

3. Palace Hotel dress like a movie star

Until the 27th of August, the Hotel Westin Palace will dress like a movie star. Sastrería Cornejo will expose all the dresses using during the gold American movie age in Spain.

At the same time, the restaurant of the hotel makes a gastronomic offer we cannot refuse, “Comer de cine“, inspired by the best movies.

And, last but not least, the 1912 Museo Bar invites us to the favourite Hollywood Star’s cocktails.

4. San Cayetano Celebrations

On the 7th and 8th of August, we can enjoy the celebrations for San Cayetano again.

The scene is Plaza de Vara del Rey, in Lavapiés district. And there will be a maximum capacity for all the events.

In the square, there will be 200 chairs. In addition, police will control access to it. 

5. San Lorenzo celebrations

San Lorenzo celebrations take place after San Cayetano, on the 10th and 11th of Agust. And they will be at  la Plaza de Arturo Barea, in Lavapiés

6. La Paloma celebrations

La Paloma celebrations are, along with San Cayetano and San Lorenzo celebrations, the most important summer events in Madrid.

They are on the 14th and 15th of August, in honour of the Paloma Virgin. 

Here you can always find good vibes and traditions. You will see people wearing chulapa or chulapo (typical Madrid dress) and listening and dance chotis. 

The celebration is confirmed, but there will be some restrictions. The capacity is around 200 persons, and all events will be at the football field of Jardines de las Villas, in La Latina district. There are six shows on this stage, even if the artist needs to be confirmed.

Moreover, all the events will end at midnight.

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