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/ May, 2021
What to do this June in Barcelona

It’s already getting hot and it’s time to make plans. Do not stay at home. Check the list of plans that we propose today to Sharify for June in Barcelona!

1. “L’ou com balla”

Every year we can see in Catalonia one of the most curious traditions. On Corpus Christí day, different towns in Catalonia carry out the tradition of the egg as it dances. This consists of placing an empty egg on the beam of water from the spring of a fountain. The point is for the egg to spin without it falling. This religious tradition is believed to have started in 1440 at the Cathedral of Barcelona, and from seeds we continue to enjoy it every year. This June in Barcelona if you pass near the cathedral or other Gothic spaces, do not hesitate to take a look at the egg as it dances.

2. Jardins de Pedralbes Festival

During the month of June in Barcelona, enjoy the great artists that the Jardins de Pedralbes Festival presents. The festival is based on the premise of uniting the passion for music with the city of Barcelona, nature and history. The Pedralbes Palace apart from its beauty, stands out for its history and for the beautiful gardens in which it is located. This year the billboard is loaded with artists such as Manel, Naty Peluso, Love of Lesbian, Aitana and Rosario among many more. Without a doubt one of the great festivals in the city that you cannot miss. Check here all the artists and dates for June in Barcelona.

3. Pride

Like every June, pride day is celebrated all over the world, and in Barcelona it is no less. Despite the fact that the official day is June 28, minutes and activities are held during the second half of the month. This year we will probably be able to enjoy the mythical events of gay pride day again, such as the high heel races. It is expected that this year the demonstration will be held as usual, but yes, with the relevant health measures. Enjoy all the activities to celebrate sexual diversity and fight against homophobia this June in Barcelona.

4. Verbena de San Juan

On June 24, Barcelona celebrates San Juan, one of the most popular festivities in Catalonia. The festival, held on the night of the 23rd, is a magical night to welcome the summer solstice, which according to the church coincides with the birth of Joan Baptista. To begin with, tonight’s celebrations all have fire as a common denominator, despite the fact that each town has its own traditions. A night of celebration, of throwing firecrackers, making bonfires and eating “coca”. In Barcelona the beach fills with people at night to celebrate the arrival of summer and watch the fireworks.

5. Major Festivities in the city

Due to the current health situation, it is not yet known for sure how the main festivals will take place in the different regions of the city. Among the different festivals this June in Barcelona we find the Festa Major de la Dreta de l’Eixample, Festa Major del Camp d’en Grassot i la Gràcia Nova or the Festa Major de la Trinitat Vella. Last year activities were carried out online, but hopefully this year they will come to life again.

6. Cruïlla XXS

This June in Barcelona the Cruïlla XXS is celebrated. These are different concerts that will be distributed throughout the city. Therefore we will find artists such as Flashy IceCream, Cepeda, Ana Torroja, 31 Fam or Zoo among many others. The concerts will be divided between the Olympic Stadium, the Old Estrella Damm Factory, Barcelona Disseny Hub and the Barts room. Check here the schedule and buy tickets now so as not to miss your favorite groups.

7. M.C. Escher

Until September 26, 2021, discover the work of Maurits Cornelis Escher. The exhibition includes more than 200 works by the artist, especially from his most surreal period. Without a doubt, Escher is known for creating impossible worlds and shocking optical illusions. He discovers it at the Maritime Museum of Barcelona.

8. Carlos Latre

Starting June 3 in Barcelona, enjoy the Carlos Latre comedy. The comedian presents an overview of current events in the country with the help of impersonations of famous people. In just 75 minutes, Carlos Latre will surprise you with more than 100 different imitations. Buy your tickets now for this hilarious play presented by the Coliseum theater.

9. Monumental Club

This year Monumental Club returns, a music space in one of the most emblematic places in Barcelona: La Plaza Monumental. This old bullring has been hosting musical events of all kinds for years. This year during the month of May in Barcelona, enjoy the concerts of Manel, Da Souza, La BienQuerida and many more. Of course, this year it has all the relevant security measures to make it a safe event. Check here the concert schedule and buy your tickets now.

10. The real time

Until January 9, 2022, enjoy the Rafael Tous exhibition, “The real time”. It is a collection that was loaned by the collector Rafael Tous. He opted for art as a concept, for this reason in this exhibition we can find a compilation of attitudes and experimental works carried out by a group of artists.

You can find many more plans in Sharify App . Don’t miss them!