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/ July, 2020
Where to listen live music in Madrid

Here we are gonna tell you where you can find live music places in Madrid.

Rock, Jazz, electronic músic, chill out, enjoy this kind of músic and much more on live!

1. Rock Palace

Opened for the first time in 1995, the Madrid Rock Palace is an ideal place for all lovers of guitars, drums and basses. Get ready to wiggle the skeleton to the rhythm of drums, riffs and percussions. There are already many concerts that this venue carries behind them. Experience, good sound and lights, accompanied by barrels and barrels of beer give this place the title of one of the best places to listen to live music in the entire city. Give it a try and be ready to leave your voice on the scenario inside this Rock sanctuary located in the middle of Atocha.

2. Honky Tonk Bar

This iconic and legendary concert hall was opened in 1987 by drummer from the group Mermelada Antonio Yenes. Once the room was created, it witnessed the golden times of Spanish punk during the so-called “Movida Madrileña”. Today the hall has become a benchmark for live performances. Not just punk, but any kind of music that represents something new, refreshing and innovative. In other words many of the groups that are born within the borders of the capital choose Honky Tonk to present their records. So, if you are looking for a place to listen to new music and have a drink, do not hesitate and visit the historic Honky Tonk Bar.

3. Sala Clamores

The room with most swing in whole Madrid. Sala Clamores is, without a doubt, one of the best for listening to Jazz live in the entire territory. From the very heart of the Chamberí neighborhood you can access this paradise of Soul. Characteristic voices, uncontrollable rhythms, incomparable melodies. Enjoy all this and much more while having a good drink under the influence of the blues and the sound of a saxophone.

4. Café la Palma

One of the most characteristic places in Madrid. Café la Palma stands out for the great musical variety it can offer to customers. From pop passing by hip hop to electronic music are some of the styles that we can enjoy live in the cafe. For instance, artists of the status of Amaral, Mala Rodríguez or Carolina Durante which they are some of the names that move among the headliners of the Spanish music scene. With 25 years of history behind them, not only its posters attract attention, but the place is also notable for the decoration of its walls, which are often part of renowned exhibitions. If you want to have a coffee having style and listening to good music, you have chosen the right place.

5. Dance Club Marula Café

A room for electronic music lovers. The Dance Club Marula café its a place where you can listen to the sessions of the resident DJs while having a cocktail or with the performance of a guest DJ. The club has a clear idea, to make you dance until you can no longer. A fun venue where you can share experiences with your friends or dare yourself to meet people who love electronic music as much as you do. Be the king of the dance floor and prove that the spirit of a dancer never dies.

6. Fun House

As its name says, Fun House is a place full of fun. One of the most alternative places in Madrid. An intimate room where you can enjoy live music until the late morning hours. In general, Rock and Roll tends to prevail, however, artists of all genres come to this room. Live an underground experience and have fun all night while enjoying a wide variety of drinks. There is no place for boredom in the Fun House, right next to the Clamores room.

7. El Junco Live Music

Junco Live Music is one of the places that are hidden in the center of Madrid. A small venue that was originally known for its devotion to a musical variety with an African-American tendency, however, in recent years it has opted for other musical genres such as Rap, Country or Rock. This room has been declared a cultural heritage of Madrid for the musical contribution to the city. Open until late at night, this nightly entertainment room is one of the options in Madrid for listening to live music.

8. Café Central

This room with almost 40 years of history is another of the most representative Jazz venues in Madrid. During his career he has seen a large number of musicians grow from the international paradigm. From national to international. This place not only has been used as a platform and stage for any of these groups, but many cultural events have also been promoted, such as book presentations, debates, literary gatherings, meetings with illustrators and photographers, and even singles have been recorded inside . This is just a pinch of everything you can find in this room if you come any day. If you want to live the Café Central experience , don’t forget to visit it! This wonderful piece of history is located in Plaza del Ángel, right next to Plaza del Sol.

9. Gruta 77

The most rebel enclosure in all Madrid. Gruta 77 brings the most rocker and thug groups on the national and international scene. Tributes to great legends of the genre or booming groups are some of its most outstanding artists. Shake your head without stop listening to groups like Mama Ladilla or Klobber. Drink a beer and cheer while you run, jump, push and scream to the rhythm of Punk, Heavy Metal and Hard Rock. Not only is it a live music room, it also has a large number of rehearsal rooms and a production company. So get on the strings and basses and don’t forget to leave it all on stage.

10. Intruso Bar

Intruso bar is one of those places that look worse than they really are. Located in the heart of Madrid, this small place became famous for its well-known Jam sessions that they organize every Monday and Tuesday. Concerts, groups and record presentations and even as a consecuence, small festivals have been organized there. Focused on the idea that what they want most is for the public to have fun, their philosophy is that everyone should dance until they are defeated in their room. You can not miss this opportunity.

11. Wullritzer BallRoom

Perhaps one of the most unknown but most spacious rooms in Madrid. With a Rock, Punk, Grunge-oriented style makes them one the most popular venues in the city. Wurlitzer BallRoom offers a good atmosphere but above all, a good sound. Get ready to listen to good music with a beer in hand and create a memory of a lifetime.

12. Moe

In this place we will find two floors, one dedicated to African American rhythms and another with the most danceable rhythms nowadays. Founded in 1995, this nightlife venue is committed to variety as an attractive factor. Bet on Moe if you want to have a good time with a drink and good music.

13. Moby Dick

We are facing one of the most modern live music halls in the entire city. With a striking appearance and a mechanism of promotions that differentiate it from other entertainment venues, Moby Dick has become a fashionable room in the Madrid capital. Despite this modernist aspect, this venue opened its doors in 1992 and has brought a wide variety of artists of different styles to the stage. This room also acts as a night entertainment room where Indie music predominates, however, they have a night dedicated to old reggaeton, indeed, as you hear it! If you don’t want to be out of date and always in fashion, this is your place.

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