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/ August, 2020
Fiestas de Gràcia 2020 What to do?

In Sharify we always look out for your safety and tell you everything that happens around you.

In this article we will tell you how the Gràcia festivities have been adapted this year so you can live them safely.

Even though last April the poster and the official cover of the Gràcia 2020 festivities were chosen as is usually done, the celebrations have varied this year due to the health crisis in which we find ourselves. The parties will take place on the same days that were planned, that is, from August 15 to 21, but now we are going to tell you what you can and cannot do this year during the festivities.

Things you CAN do

Listen the Street Cry

This year and in homage to the health personnel, the proclaimers will be three women who work in this field. Xènia Sist, a nurse at the Hospital de Santa Creu I Sant Pau, María Teresa Fabregat, a nurse at CAP Vila de Gràcia-Cibeles and Elvira Bisbe, a doctor at the Hospital de la Esperanza and vice president of the Barcelona medical college. This proclamation will be held in a closed venue on August 14, and with limited capacity, however, it will be broadcasted on live to anyone who has not been able to access. During the same proclamation, to all the neighbourhoods that have decided to participate will have recognition.

Visit and see the decorations

The festival committee decided to postpone the now traditional inter-neighbourhood decoration contest, and instead, a symbolic decoration will be offered in each of the participating neighbourhoods. That means they will be smaller and less bulky because they haven’t had time to decorate or prepare it well this year. In the streets, there will be capacity control to avoid collapses and thus respect security measures.

Activities and Workshops

Even being subject to security measures, activities such as markets, workshops or crafts are still present at the 2020 Gràcia festivities. Get ready to create, chat, give life to your arts or have a drink with friends.

FM Gràcia 360º

This year, as the capacity is restricted and limited, this option will be more critical than ever. Visit the decorated streets of Gràcia from your home! With a mobile application, you can enter the portals and furnished balconies of the neighborhood, as if you were inside. Do not miss a detail of these festivities and approach everything they offer to you.

Watch activities and concerts On-line

might be on YouTube channel or through the App, the concerts and activities that take place this year will be virtual. We will not be able to see them live, but they will be available through their social networks for a month. Do not miss any of their activities and continue to experience the festivities from within in a virtual way.

Things you can NOT do

Night activities

As one of the exceptional measures of these festivities in Gràcia, this year will be closed at 23:00. Therefore, there will be no night activities. The Barcelona City Council decided to take this measure to avoid crowds.


As we have already mentioned, the activities will be limited during the day. Therefore, this year there will be no night concerts.

Fiestas de Gracia

Decorate floors and portals

One of the prohibitions this year is to decorate floors and portals, this has been done to facilitate access to the streets for people who want to be part of the festivities and thus avoid traffic jams on the roads.

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