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/ December, 2018
Things to do in Barcelona on New Year’s eve​

Today we are celebrating one of the biggest evenings of the year. If you are in Barcelona, you have the options to join small of big events such as fireworks display from Montjuic fountain to Barceloneta beach parties.

But we prefer to tell you about the smaller, alternative and unique events around town, if you are going on a bar hopping night, or looking for that small hidden concert check the Sharify App, we have it all πŸ”

Top New Year events

With the Sharify App, there are hundreds of events to be discovered. You can simply plan and share your own events like going for a dog walk, join a small music concert, or if you want to share that amazing secret coffee place that does the best Flat White in Barcelona. It’s all up to you to enjoy and discover your city using Sharify.

Find the best events in Barcelona