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/ November, 2020
The best exhibition fall/winter 2020 in Madrid

Galleries, museums and art centres are open. Culture is alive more than ever in Madrid. Find out the best exhibition in Madrid.

1. El sueño americano. Del pop a la actualidad. (The American Dream. From the Pop to the present)

The exhibition “El Sueño Americano. Del pop a la actualidad”, at the CaixaForum of Madrid, put together artists like Linchtenstein, Rauschenberg, Ruscha, Judd. The exposition will bring us along with the tendency of that time. We will feel the fresh and different perspective of its artists.

2. Layers of distance. Irene González

Through the exhibition: “Layer of distance”, Irene González represents the landscape in connection with the found material. The result’s a creation which is conscious of the place. 

3. Système D. Rubén Guerrero

The word “Système D”, stays for the way to end a project without a specific way, but using just the closest elements.

Ruben Guerrero starts his pieces from a draw. Then he understands how to proceed by using what he finds in the room and around it: boxes, wood, plastic, etc. 

Through his art, he wants to make us think. For sure, this is one of the most exciting exhibitions in Madrid.

exhibition in Madrid

4. Estas ruinas que (no) ves son una promesa – Tabacalera

The artist, Jorge Conde, builds a sensory experience. The aim is to create a path which brings us from an old industrial building to the promotion of the visual arts and contemporary thinking. In result, he creates a dialogue with time and space. 

exhibition in Madrid

5. Gregorio Ordóñez. La vida posible

On the 25th death anniversary of the Basque politician, Gregorio Ordóñez, CentroCentro hosts an exhibition dedicated to his life. Therefore the exposition is a tribute to the terrorist victims too. And this is even more meaningful, as it’s in Madrid, the most hit city in Spain. 

exhibition in Madrid

6. Niño de Elche. Auto sacramental invisible

José Val del Omar started composing “Auto sacramental invisible” in 1949. But, until 1952 it stayed unknown. 

The piece is a sound installation, which comes to spread the sound correctly through 14 speakers.  

exhibition in Madrid

7. Anna-Eva Bergman

In 1933, Anna-Eva Bergman moved to Mallorca with her partner. From that moment, her relationship with Spain starts. And, it’s reflected in her art too. 

In her pieces, the Norwegian artist uses materials like metal leaves, gold, silver or coins. Her focus idea is that rhythm is part of the painting.

exhibition in madrid

8. Luis Garrido. Tapices

The exhibición “Luis Garrido. Tapices”, covers four decades of the most important upholsterer of Spain.

exhibition in madrid

9. Trafalgar, el viaje con Galdó

From the 16th of October to the 10th of January, the Andalusian artist Daniel Parra exhibits 40 pieces about the Trafalgar battle. Most of them are inspired by the Benito Pérez Galdós’ Episodios Nacionales 


10. Expresionismo alemán

The exhibition “German Expressionism” opens the celebrations for the centenary of the Hans Heinrich Thyssen-Bornemisza’s birth, the main collector of the XX Century. 

The expo gathers for the first time the permanent collection of the museum, with his wife’s and sons’ collections.

exhibition in Madrid

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