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/ August, 2020
What to do in September 2020 in Barcelona

Even if we are living a difficult situation, there is still room for entertainment. These are some activities you can do in September 2020 in Barcelona

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Estació Esceni-k

On the 18th and 19th of September takes place the ​​the Esceni-k festival, at the park of the North Station. The show is a commitment to theatrical performances in Barcelona. The plays will be evaluated by expert juries, who will decide which of the works will win the prize.


Live concerts with Jamboree in Plaça Reial

Jamboree is celebrating its 60th birthday.. Therefore we can enjoy live free concerts until September the 6th. There are going to be concerts by artists like, The Secret Investments, Childo Tomas or Amaia Miranda and Sebastià Gris. Do not miss this opportunity to experience the street culture!

Bansky exibithion at Trafalgar Space

This is an exibithion of one of the most influent urban artists of our century: Bansky. We have to highlight that the artist has never authorized this expo, as he doesn’t want to market his art. Despite this, we can find at the Trafalgar space, some of the most well-known pieces of Bansky. Such as the flower thrower or the woman under the rain.

The World of Amy Soul’s Tribute

A tribute to one of the most representative Soul voices: Amy Winehouse. The concert will be on September the 20th at Les Nits del Fórum. The most heartfelt voice of Jazz from the group The Amy’s Soul.

September 2020 in Barcelona

La Mercè 2020 (To be confirmed)

La Mercè 2020 promises to be an unpublished version of the Barcelona festival. Due to the health crisis, the organizers have to squeeze the coconut to create a hybrid calendar, with most of the events on-line. The positiv aspect? You can enjoy all from everywhere in the world.


Queen Forever

“Don’t stop me now”. That’s what Freddy Mercury would say when he died, because as a result of the film Bohemian Rhapsody the number of tribute groups to Queen has grown exponentially. For instance, the guys from Queen Forever pay a heartfelt tribute to Luz de Gas, on September 26, to commemorate the best hits of the British band. Don’t miss the chance!

La casa de Bernarda de Alba

The work of the Spanish author Federico García Lorca comes to life on the stages of the Sala Ars in Barcelona. During the Sundays of the month of September this work will be reproduced on stage by the director Albert Pueyo. At first this is a work adapted for 6 actresses that tells the story of some daughters of the family whose mother imposes an 8-year mourning. Don’t miss out on this dramatic story.

Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Do you like dream weddings? You are lucky. From the merger between the prestigious beauty brand Valmont and Brida, they come together to offer us a wedding-themed fashion show. From September 18 to 22, this fashion week takes place in Barcelona. You must be wondering how much this could cost. Well, if you are just someone interested in the world of fashion and you want to follow all the catwalks, for instance, you will be happy to know that it is free if you follow it online, you just have to register on its website and you can see it as if was live.

El Mago Pop

Abra Kadabra! Antonio Díaz, the Pop magician, is back with his show “Nothing is impossible” at the Victoria Theatre, which he owns. Enter this world of illusions, surprises, sensations and magic meanwhile you let yourself be carried away by this adventure and discover the reason for the name of the work.

Harlem Globbertroters

The show is back at the foot of the court with the Harlem Globbertrotters team, an exhibition of these ball wizards that will leave you speechless. At the Olympic pavilion in Barcelona on Sunday, September 20, enjoy their “No limits World Tour” in which they will not leave you dissatisfied therefore you will repeat. You can’t miss their new show.


The fashion festival got a new edition of but in a digital version. We recall that the annual edition was postponed due to the health crisis. This year the catwalk will innovate with a staging through the screens. From September 14 to 17, you can enjoy the proposals of up to 21 fashion designers.

Recreativos Federico

A fusion between the world of technology and Spanish literature. The auditorium, Casa Seat is converted into a recreational room. Inside this room the machines will have names related to Federico García Lorca. This peculiar tribute by Alex Peña will take place until September 5.

Per amor a L’Hart

A new edition of the L’Hospitalet de Llobregat cultural festival. From September 17 to 19, the area of ​​the Remonta park. Hospitalet will be filled with dance, theatre, circus and music. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor cultural festival.

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